GPS Tracker Auto iUni Track i6

 GPS Tracker Auto iUni Track i6

The GPS enables locating in monitoring of people cars, motorcycles and any space that allows host device which is small, like 64 x 46 x 17 mm and is equipped with magnetic casing that allows easy attachment to metallic surfaces. This is like GPS Phone Tracker, which allow you to locate any mobile phone number on each part of Earth in  few seconds. Tracking mode has multiple functions that the device can signal: exceeding a certain speed, leaving a perimeter default setting in motion of the vehicle / object on which it is mounted. Also the device has the function of microphone perimeter through a simple phone call can listen in real time, everything happens within a radius of up to 10m around GPS Traker.

Key features

Global vehicle tracking and locating the person wearing the device or GPS. Alert on it exceeds a predetermined speed. Alert when it exceeds a predefined perimeter. Monitoring real – time audio through built in microphone. Magnetic casing easily applied on metal surfaces. Solar battery extends battery life by up to 50 %. The lifespan of the battery in normal ( motion 1h/day, with the sun) up to 20 days. Waterpfoor and real time location directly on the website and revising history tracking sites. Extra – large battery 400 mAh Li reload. By dialing telephone or SMS, the device will send an SMS with a link to Google Maps with location  or a desciptive text. Data transmission intervals can be set by the user. Time data transmission can be synchronized with local time. Free tracking platform. GSM and GPS antennas incorporated. Equipped with shock sensor and alarm movement that controls data transmission to converse battery power. Possibility to set 3 phone numbers, which will send information via SMS. Send warning messages to the platform, when the unit left the area when he exceeded the speed restriction or default. Perfect device for supervision and people tracking, waterproof and shock, with lock and alarm motion. Useful in tracking the elderly, people with Alzheimer’s autism, persons with disabilities, persons placed in homes, agents, inmates who perform woth outdoors in house arrest or in activities that rewuire close supervision.

Use method

Insert a SIM card with credit device. A green LED will light up, and after about 15 seconds to stabiliz the signal strength. To initialize the device is necessary to send an SMS to the number of SIM card inserted according to textbook was printed. To find the location, just call device then you will receive an SMS with its coordinates. To listen around the device, all you have to do is send a message to activate the device and monitor. Call number SIM card inserted into the device to listen to what is happening in the perimeter of the mounted device. It can be opened only with a special key. If the user pry or cut the strap, the device will send an alarm report. The device can not be stopped by the carrier. Resistant to shocks and bumps, since it has no screen itself.

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