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The second question is equally justified. There are a lot of components on the market, for example a video card can have a price of 142 $ and 2850 $. Same processor, 118 $ and 1187 $. Gaming is very expensive if you want the best experience and there are components for every budget, however large it may be. In this article we will do two configurations, one of about 712 $ and one worth about 1544 $, along with a number of tips for building a stable and easily upgrade. Why not go below the sum of 700 $ ? Well below this amount, you can not really call gaming system and you can not really enjoy a video game on the PC, you better take a console.

The budget is the first and most important. You need to know why the budget dispute and by it to choose the components. You should try to stay within that budget and not go on the idea that if I give 23 $ in addition to a specific component of it is better. This will probably be the seller’s intent if you purchase the system from a store and not from an online site. True, but so will considerably exceed your budget.

Source should be the first choice. Depending on the source you have chosen you can go ahead and purchase the components. You have to understand that what gives all components current system is vital. From a poor source may occur a lot of problems with a computer, especially one thought running games. The source have to consider certification. 80 Plus is an inscription which must find the source you have chosen and this varies depending on its efficiency, 80Plus Silver, Gold 80Plus, 80Plus Platinum. The first starts at 80% efficiency and reach up to 95% last.

The power source must be at least twice the power consumption of the main components, the CPU and graphics card. Thus if the processor has a maximum consumption of 80W and 200W graphics card, then a certified source 500W is the minimum recommended.

The processor is in second place and thus keep his election and the election board. Whether you prefer AMD or Intel, or is directed budget choice, choose a processor with 4 cores and a frequency as high as possible. Games know to work with 4 cores and 2.7 GHz processor rather than a 2.1 GHz 8-core and.

CPU cooler mention it separately and must be purchased separately. If you choose a processor box then he will come with a standard cooler but it is recommended not to use that, especially for a system that will stay hot for a long time.

The motherboard should come third. Choose a motherboard from any manufacturer but not the cheapest model. The notation upgradabailitate Gaming offers a higher and higher stability. Yes, it can reach 600-700 lei but keep in mind that you prefer in future to put an extra memory card or some and not to invest in a new motherboard because you have no free slots .

The video card comes in fourth place but gaming is of primary importance. At its core is processed all information and millions of polygons in the image of the games. So, the more expensive the better. Even if you get to give 237 $ on a video card and another 6 months appears more efficient not much to do. No more bad graphics, but the price for each segment separately. Its performance increases with its price, it’s that simple.

Even if pokemon sun rom download   for 3DS, if you are lucky, using an emulator, you can play directly on your Pc. Of course not a game to catch as much as Pokemon Go (or even close), even for a short period. If you are fans of the phenomenon then I think we should give them a try because it respects both the basic principles of a Pokemon game, but also because it brings new elements, including those listed above.

By the way, know that Pokemon develops a parallel animated series began 19 years ago with Ash, Pikachu and the rest of the team. Season reached 20, Ash is still protagonist along with Pikachu, Pokemon but others are replaced as they pass and the seasons are changing generations. Pokemon animation: Sun & Moon has approximately the same storyline with the game.